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Bottle Bowls


Katie Lowe
Bottle Bowls

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Waste Materials

Beer Bottles


Decorative bowls created with beer and wine bottles, fused and slumped into unusual forms.

Materials & Equipment List

Beer Bottles - Blonde, CarlsbergWine Bottles - Jacobs CreekGlass KilnThin fire - kiln firing paperHammerPlastic bagsMaterialJugsStainless SteelComputerWater Jet CutterBatt WashKiln propsDiamond SawGrinderGlass disk sanderWet & Dry paperPolishing pads

Making Instructions (Login to see the full instructions)

Collection of Bottles.
Wash the labels and glue from the bottles.
Dry bottles so there clean.
Collect equipment for smashing bottles.
Place bottle inside a plastic bag one at a time and wrap it round.
Wrap in fabric as sharp glass may tear the plastic bag.
Using a hammer smash the bottles into small pieces.
Empty the content of glass into a suitable container.
Estimate the quantity of glass you need.
Smash other coloured bottles for contrast.
In the kiln - use thin fire kiln paper so the glass frit doesn't stick to the kiln shelves.
Sprinkle glass in pattern of desire on to the kiln paper.
Carefully push glass together so it will stay solid.
Make more than you need in case changes occur in each stage.
Designing the drop ring shape on water jet cutting software.
Use different tools to create desired shape and centre the image to the material in the machine.
Secure the stainless steel in place.
Move the piercing head to the starting point.
Water jet cutter moves round the shape in motion when you press start.
Remove the stainless steel and clean down.
Repeat the process for more drop rings.
Batt wash the drop rings - prevents glass sticking to the steel.
Place fused glass so it has enough room round the hole so it doesn't completely fall through.
View from underneath - flat.
After Slumping.
View from underneath - domed.
Diamond saw - used for cutting through glass.
Carefully cut away the excess so it doesn't shatter.
Refine shape using glass disk sander.
Get rid of any sharp edges.
Use wet and dry paper and polishing pads to smooth the underneath and edges.
Use diamond saw to cut tops of bottles.
Grinder - sands down glass surfaces.
Grind down so the surface is flat.
Cone shaped bowl with clear stand.
Double circle shaped bowl with green stand.
Bottle Bowls.
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27-11-2013 12:02:27
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Katie Lowe


United Kingdom

Creative individual interested in designing and making, mainly 3D. Preferred materials and techniques are ceramics and mould making but likes to explore all materials....

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