Welcome to Co-oproduct: Ethical, Sustainable, Open, Design.

Tackling the problem with post-consumer waste by championing design for longerlife, reuse and repair.

...Imagine a world where everything that we buy is designed to last and be reused. Where landfill is a thing of the past, and waste exists only as a valued commodity for the design and production of new products...

...Imagine a world where consumer choice is based on quality, product lifespan and longevity. Where Design for Obsolescence is unheard of and the production of culture is dominated by products for reuse, repair and upgrade...

...Imagine a world where consumers can make what they need, when they need it, at home from their own post-consumer waste resources. Where everyday people come together to share ideas and knowledge and openly innovate...

Welcome to Co-oproduct - The Consumer-Sustainable Future of Design...

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Co-oproduct's Jamie Billing discusses why…

Interesting article discussing Jamie Billing's educational work with Autodesk Sustainability Workshop, focussing on why design students should take products apart: http://www.core77.com The Core Toaster Concept by Joe Parker Jamie Billing... Read more

New business models for the…

For the circular economy to thrive, it’s imperative for us to overcome the obstinate barriers, which prevent us from reducing waste. We’re locked into an iron cage... Read more

DIP Students’ Workshop

The first DIP Workshop was hold on Saturday 16th May with Nottingham Trent University and Loughborough University design students. The Workshop aimed to test for the first... Read more

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